The Economic Origins of the Territorial State  (2016)  International Organization

The Historical Origins of Territorial Claims  (2016)  The American Political Science Review  (with David Carter)

Time is Power: The Non-Institutional Sources of Stability in Autocracies  (2016)  The Journal of Politics  (with Carlos Velasco-Rivera)

Working Papers 

Endogenous Parliaments: Urban Agglomeration, Technological Accumulation, and the Deep Roots of Executive Constraints in Europe  w/ Carles Boix (R&R at ​International Organization)

The Economic Effects of Leaders' Economic Interests: Evidence from Election By Lot in the Florentine Republic

Appendix  (Under Review) 

The Evolution of National Constitutions w/ Michael Barber

Appendix (Under Review)

The Resource Curse in the Long-Run: Evidence From European Coal Mining Regions in the 19th Century  w/ Elena Esposito  (Under Review)

Coal, Early Industrialization, and the Persistence of Left-Wing Partisianship w/ Elena Esposito

Appendix (Under Review)

Party, Race, and Neighborhood: An Upper-Bound Estimate of Geographic Partisan Sorting w/ Anderson Frey (Under Review)

The Emergence of Political Order w/ Emiel Awad

Learning About Growth and Democracy (w/ Sergio Montero)

Scaling the Founding: Identifying Latent Dimensions in the American Colonial Constitutions w/ Michael Barber and Jeremey Pope. 

Systemic Uncertainty and the Emergence of Border Disputes w/ David Carter

Parliaments, War, & Commerce  w/ Carles Boix

Book Project:                Production, Predation, and the Origins of the Territorial State


Ernst Haas Best Dissertation Award from the APSA European Politics and Society Section - 2015

The Society for Political Methodology Best Poster Award - 2013

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Rochester.  I was previously a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute.  I received my PhD from the Department of Politics at Princeton University in 2015.  You can contact me at

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